Create an Event Page in Under 90 Seconds


Creating an Event Page

With MainGate, creating an event couldn't be simpler... In fact, after you've done a couple of them you will find that creating the pages is faster than reading these instructions BUT for now... Here are the steps to creating your event page in MainGate.

Name Your Event

We like to keep it short and sweet here like, "Monster Truck Jam", "Riverside Home Show" or "The College Experience".


You select from a list the category or categories your event falls into. This helps people find your event when they search for events in that category range.

Describe Your Event

Enter a description for people to better understand your event. It can be as breif or as detailed as you choose. Then then click continue.

Add Your Image or Logo

Upload any image, logo, collage that you see fit. If you do not have an image or need help, contact us. We're happy to help set it up for you.

Enter the Address of your event

Enter the address of the venue that the event is taking place. You can then check the box next to show map if you'l like that included on your page. This is not required for virtual events.

Select the Date(s) for your event

For single day events you would enter the beginning and ending date, the start time and end time. If you have a limited amount of tickets or want to put a cap on ticket sales, you can enter the number and MainGate will automatically stop selling tickets for that day once the threshold you set has been reached.

Create your ticket types

You can create as many different ticket types as your event needs. Maybe you have Adult tickets, Kids tickets, Merchandise tickets, Special Access tickets, etc. You enter the name and scxreibe the ticket, choose WHEN you'd like to start selling that specific ticket (handy if a promotion is starting later in the week, you can have the sales open up automatically). Choose WHEN you'd like sales to end for that ticket. Some promoters want to end ticket sales BEFORE the event to incentivize people to buy them early. Also useful if you have a special priced ticket that is for a limited time only. Select whether the ticket is free or paid, enter the price for the ticket and sales tax if applicable. Select whether you want to absorb the MainGate fee, pass it along to customers, or use a different amount. You can pass PART of the MainGate fee to the customer or add to the MainGate fee to help cover your credit card processing or other expense. Some promoters will simply add to the fee to create an additional profit center. There's even an area to add a facility fee if you need to.

Add Discounts

Here you have the option to create Promo Codes for discounts, Buy One Get One discounts, Cart Discounts, Group Discounts and more.

Add your Social Media

Add links to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.


That's all there is to it. You can now share the URL for your finished page and you're off to the races!